About us

Christ Church exists to BE and BECOME disciples of Jesus who MAKE disciples of Jesus.

We are joined with Jesus through faith by the unmerited gift of God's grace because of His great love for the world. Our purpose is to follow Jesus as our Savior, King and Lord by loving God and loving others. We see God's description of what a church should be in the Bible as an Empowered Missional Community. We seek to encourage and support each other, love and serve our cities and grow in number & in depth as a church family.

Founded in 1985 as Halifax Covenant Church and as a part of the Sovereign Grace Ministries family of churches, we set out to reestablish a church that resembled the church of the first century as described in the Book of Acts and shaped by the letters to the churches in the New Testament. We have grown and changed in many ways but our core values remain the same; love God, love others, apply the Scriptures.

We are a diverse group of people from all over Volusia County who have one relationship in common. We are restored to God through repentance and faith in God’s Son Jesus. All of us are joined with Jesus and radically transformed in our identity, constantly engaged in His mission and now all of our relationships are redefined by His love.